Conceived for a family returning to Australia after years spent overseas, this design reimagines a tiny Victorian terrace house in Carlton as a multi-level, multi-generational home

Carl­ton, Wurund­jeri Land

Site area






Our design approach was to deliv­er a built form that would pro­vide the desired lev­el of space and ameni­ty, allow for as much nat­ur­al light as pos­si­ble and pro­vide a unique space for fam­i­ly living.

Bound between its neigh­bours, the exist­ing site is a petite 80 square metres. Any inter­ven­tion would have to lever­age the whole of the site to make the project feasible. 

A neu­tral inte­ri­or has been designed to extract max­i­mum impact from nat­ur­al light through­out the home, with colour and tex­ture intro­duced through tim­ber, tiles, and soft fur­nish­ings. The orig­i­nal front room of the ter­race how­ev­er, fea­tures a dark colour palette to high­light the peri­od details, while cre­at­ing the feel­ing of pas­sage into the bright con­tem­po­rary home beyond.

The design meets an ambi­tious brief despite the sig­nif­i­cant con­straints of a strin­gent her­itage over­lay and diminu­tive site. It’s a sophis­ti­cat­ed solu­tion to a chal­leng­ing puz­zle, one that promis­es to deliv­er a high­ly refined inner-city lifestyle for its owners.